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Moving to a new place often involves a lot of work. There are endless things to do and several crucial factors to consider. It’s like starting all over from scratch. Overlooking any essential factor can cause stress and dampen your joy of relocation.

Among the several items that demand your attention, don’t forget about changing locks in your new residence. You cannot rule out the chances of previous owners retaining the duplicate keys with them. This can cause security issues in the future. There are several cases of robbery by a former owner with the help of duplicate keys.

While in the process of changing locks, make sure to change the locks of every entrance to your home, including the basement and the garage. Changing the locking system of the entire property will offer you the much needed sense of security in a new place. If you have just moved to Casselberry, FL, Casselberry FL Locksmiths Store can be your trusted aid in all your locksmith needs.

Warning signs for changing locks today!

Often we forget about lock change and don’t think about it until maybe there is a break-in! How to know the right time for changing locks? Here are some common warning signs that if you notice, you must act upon immediately.

  • Your locks are worn down: An old, worn out lock is not strong enough to keep off intruders and is a great risk to your security.
  • You struggle to open them: If you are finding it difficult to open your locks, it is definitely a sign that something is wrong with them. It is possible that it has rusted internally and is no longer safe to use.
  • You lose keys often: While misplacing or losing keys once in a while is common, if this happens frequently, it is best to switch to newer lock models. These are more secure and do not allow your lost keys to be misused.
  • You’ve experienced a break-in: If you have recently faced a break-in, it is imperative that you change your locks immediately.
  • You do not feel secure: If you are not sure about the security of your house and feel that it must be beefed up, act on it. Get newer, smarter locks installed to stay secure.

You can call us at 407-705-2043 any time of the day or night for changing locks and to install additional security solutions for foolproof protection. When it comes to personal security, you certainly would like to have the best measures in place.